Environmental quality

Total contral at all levels

SelfClimat committed very quickly in an organized quality and environmental policy. Our ongoing involvement has allowed us to obtain various certifications: NF EN 13616 certificates, KIWA certificate, CE examination certification like INERIS ATEX, and ATEX production quality assurance.

Environmental Quality

More than a state of mind, more than a company policy, environmental protection really is the raison d'être of the SelfClimat company.

SelfClimat offers a complete range of products whose purpose is to protect the environment and prevent risks of ground pollution. The company activities are resolutely directed towards managing the energy required to construct our company project on a strong base.

Their quality policy satisfies a demand, in the sense of environmental quality, both within the company and by its customers.

For ambitious but nevertheless laudable development, the Safety and Environment activity is based on historic and expert savoir-faire in the field of safety in the storage of pollutant liquids.