The company is situated in the heart of the Swiss watch and clock industry renowned for its sense of detail and precision: this was the basis for the success of the overfill prevention device.

Other industries, notably the oil industry, became interested in the product very quickly attracted by its efficiency thanks to a simple operating principle and very precise manufacturing perfected by Mr Josef RIEGER.

The overfill prevention device was introduced onto the French market by Self Climat in 1978 and immediately obtained the NF label which was in force at that time.

The oil companies present on the French market progressively imposed the Rieger overfill prevention device as a mandatory accessory in fuel tanks before the regulations required it.

In a context of globalisation, oil companies are systematising the fitting of this type of accessory and contribute to the international development of Self Climat which is at present the sole supplier of the overfill prevention device.

In 2006,  RIEGER  – following the decision of its manager, Mr Anton RIEGER – sold the company assets to SELF CLIMAT which continues the manufacture respecting the Swiss know-how.

Today many of the components in the overfill prevention device still come from the canton of Soleure in Switzerland, thus perpetuating the precision in the manufacture of the product.

Self Climat 1993 leaflet explaining how the overfill prevention device works


Société Rieger à Grenchen


Storage tanks for liquids

Self Climat faithfully continues the original Swiss savoir-faire in the manufacture of the overfill prevention device that has enabled it to become a key supplier for many oil companies in France and beyond our frontiers.

This historic activity is supported by internal infrastructures and human expertise that are indispensable in a field of activity where approximation and improvisation have no place.

Well-tested control procedures to guarantee optimum product quality

The company possesses a test rig that is unique in the market and enables the operation of the overfill prevention device to be simulated and the indicators to be measured: pump filling, gravity filling, filling flow measurement, closing pressure measurement, filling level measurement.

Manufacture of the overfill prevention device is subject to prior inspection of the components according to very demanding specifications. The measurement and inspection devices are checked, according to a predefined schedule, by outside laboratories whose competence is confirmed and accredited by COFRAC (an independent French accreditation body).

This function is part of a complete procedure in which every finished product is inspected to guarantee 100% Quality Assurance.

To satisfy growing demand in industry and in a global pollution prevention environment, the company has also varied the manufacture of the overfill prevention device for applications involving other pollutant liquids besides petroleum: derived petroleum products, liquid chemicals and generally all liquids that can be compatible with the materials and characteristics in the composition of the overfill prevention device.

This market demand has contributed to real expertise within Self Climat around the question of storage of domestic heating oil, petroleum fuel and all types of flammable or pollutant liquids.

Today the company manufactures and distributes equipment for equipping tanks and storage tanks for combating risks of environmental pollution.