• controling parts to be assembled

    Acceptance and inspection

    The entirely metal design of the overfill prevention device requires a precision to one hundredth of a mm for some parts. The very demanding inspection of incoming parts contributes to the proper operation of the finished product.

  • An employee assembles the parts for the overfill prevention device

    Assembly of sub-units

    The specifications for the assembly of overfill protection devices needs to be scrupulously respected for the same aim of perfection. The teams are trained regularly in the respect of procedures.

  • An employee is mounting the parts for the overfill prevention device

    Sub-unit assembly through to the finished product

    After having been crimped and stored as sub-units, all the components are assembled to form the overfill prevention device at end of the line. All overfill protection devices are manufactured in batches of 50 units and receive a serial number before going onto the test rig.

  • Overfill prevention device on the test bench

    A systematic individual test on the test rig

    Individual testing per product is the best guarantee of quality. The configuration of the test rig enables the actual operating condition to be reproduced. Even if it is a demanding internal process, it ensures the highest quality level and enables every overfill prevention device to be given an individual serial number.

  • Packing and palletizing overfill prevention devices

    Assembly and palletizing of sub-units

    All our overfill prevention devices are stored in individual cardboard packaging. They are labelled, numbered, and accompanied by a manual and their identification plate.

  • A man is auditing the quality of the overfill prevention devices

    The INERIS and KIWA inspection bodies

    This activity is very regularly subject to inspection and audit by French and international bodies. As such the competence and expertise of the teams has really improved. The methods and procedures are verified and confirmed.


More than a state of mind, more than a company policy, environmental protection really is the raison d’être of the SelfClimat company.

SelfClimat offers a complete range of products whose purpose is to protect the environment and prevent risks of ground pollution. The company activities are resolutely directed towards managing the energy required to construct our company project on a strong base.

Their quality policy satisfies a demand, in the sense of environmental quality, both within the company and by its customers.

For ambitious but nevertheless laudable development, the Safety and Environment activity is based on historic and expert savoir-faire in the field of safety in the storage of pollutant liquids.