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Leak detector type LWG 2000

For the safety of storage tanks, SelfClimat offers you a complete range of anti-overfill devices, leak detection devices, alarms, gauges and measuring systems for the petroleum and petro-chemical fields, and also more generally for the storage of pollutant liquids.

Leak detector LWG 2000


  • Leak detection system for monitoring single wall tank or hose in storing, filling and handling water-hazardous susbtances facilities.
  • Supplied with a visible and audible alarm box and a probe with a connection cable to immerse in the containment facility in case of a leak.
  • The display unit also has a potential-free remote alarm relay contact to connect an external power supply e.g. warning light, acoustic signal generator.


  • AdBlue, diesel, fuel oil, heavy heating oil, waste oil, oil-water mixtures.
  • For other liquids please contact our technical dept.


Diagram leak detector LWG 2000
Diagram leak detector LWG 2000/2005

Characteristics and standards

  • Class III according to EN 13160-1 :2003 as a liquid sensor system
  • Supply voltage : 2330 V AC / 50 Hz
  • Type of protection : IP 30 according to EN 60529
  • Length of probe cable 2 m or 5 m (extension allowed up to 100 m max.)