Tank leak detector Fuitalarme 16 SC.R for double-walled tanks


The Fuitalarme 16 SC.R is a leak detector for double-walled tanks, the interstitial space is filled with a leak detection fluid (usually monoethylene glycol). These tanks are generally used for the storage of flammable or water-polluting liquids that may belong to risk groups and classes AI, AII, AIII and B.


The Fuitalarme 16 SC.R is a device that continuously controls the interstitial space in the double wall tank.

Diagram of Fuitalarme 16 SC.R leak detector for double-walled tanks

Leak detector Fuitalarme 16 SC.R for double-walled tanks

Alarm box 16 SC.R

  • The alarm box is located outside the hazardous area (EX)
  • Audible and visual alarm triggered when an anomaly is detected
  • One output relay contact

LAF monitoring tank

  • The monitoring LAF container tank is allowed inside the hazardous area zone (EX)
  • Connected to the double wall
  • The LAF container buffer tank is filled half way up with the same leak indicator fluid as the interstitial space

Fuitalarme 16 SC.R connection kit no.1 / no.2

  • Contains all the parts necessary for connecting the LAF container tank to the double-walled tank.
  • Kit no. 1 consists of 1.5 m plastic hose, 2 hose nozzles G 3/4M, 2 screw-thread clamps and a batch of screws+wallplugs
  • Kit no. 2 includes in addition, a juntion fitting IP 54.

For further details, technical specifications of the Fuitalarme 16 SC.R leak detector, please download our data sheet and manual.

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