Leak detector LWG 2000 for tanks and bunds


The LWG 2000 is a leak detection system for monitoring single or double-walled tanks, pipes and drip pans in installations for storing, filling and transferring polluting liquids.

It consists of a control alarm box and a probe to detect a possible leakage and presence of fluid. It has an output relay contact.


The LWG 2000 sensor is suitable with a wide range of products, including fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, water, AdBlue®, diesel, FAME, biodiesel, new and used oils, and oil-water mixtures.

It is also suitable with non-flammable polluting liquids with a flashpoint above 55°C.

LWG 2000 leak detector advantages

Its reliable operation instantly triggers an audible and visual alarm when liquid is detected.

The probe is easy to install and a test button enables you to check that the device is working properly at all times.

In addition, a relay contact ensures alarm reporting.

LWG 2000 leak detector installation diagrams

Diagram leak detector LWG 2000
Diagram leak detector LWG 2000/2005

Characteristics and standards

  • Class III according to EN 13160-1 : 2003 as a liquid sensor system
  • Supply voltage : 2330 V AC / 50 Hz
  • Type of protection : IP 30 according to EN 60529
  • 2m, 5m, 20m probe cable length (extension cable up to 100 meters max.)

For more technical data on the LWG 2000 leak detector, download our data sheet.

Our LWG 2000 leak detector comes with a 12-month warranty, provided the installation and operating instructions are followed.

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