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Secure Mains Multi-Zone tank alarm

For the safety of storage tanks, SelfClimat offers you a complete range of anti-overfill devices, leak detection devices, alarms, gauges and measuring systems for the petroleum and petro-chemical fields, and also more generally for the storage of pollutant liquids.

NEW - Secure Mains Multi-Zone tank alarm


Mains multi-channel tank alarm for alerting of a combination or all of the following tank states : high, low and/or bund

  • H = HIGH (High level alert) to help avoid further filling of the tank and an overfill from occuring
  • L = LOW (Low level alert) to indicate that stock is running out and a fuel delivery needs to be ordered
  • B = BUND (Bund alert) to indicate that stock is running out and a fuel delivery needs to be ordered

Magnetic reversible float level switch on the fuel probe (possibility to reverse the direction of the float to go from a high level to a low level or to a bund alert, and vice versa)


  • Suitable for use with clean diesel and light oils

+ Product

  • Display unit with multiple voltages possible 110v/230v/12v or 24v
  • 90 db sounder & flashing orange strobe to warn of a problem
  • Zone in question lights up on the screen to clearly indicate the activated tank state (H = HIGH, L = LOW, B = BUND)
  • Each zone can be configured in any of the three functions High, Low or Bund, based upon the user's requirements with a very simple set of electrical jumpers
  • Test & alarm mute functions
  • Automatically reversed float logic for low zones
  • IP55 enclosure with 4 external mounting lugs
  • Display unit coming with three relay outputs (e.g. to allow external equipment to be connected to each zone of the tank level alarm such as building management system for remote monitoring)