Overfill prevention device for petroleum fuels 2″, 3″ and 4″ N type


The overfill prevention device N type for liquid petroleum fuels offers total safety and guarantees maximum protection for the environment by preventing any risk of overflow when filling static storage tanks.


The overfill prevention valve produced by Self Climat is designed for use with static underground or aboveground atmospheric storage tanks (non-pressurized) containing liquid fuels.

This device ensures the highest level of safety and provides a guarantee against pollution for the storage of liquid petroleum fuels such as fuel oil, diesel, petrol and unleaded gasoline.

Unique concept

The Self Climat mechanical overfill prevention valve offers a unique concept, ensuring the highest degree of safety and providing an anti-pollution guarantee in the field of liquid storage:

  • This device provides a total shut-off mechanism, not just a flow reduction.
  • Its all-metal design, with no gaskets and no wearing parts makes it maintenance-free.
  • It operates in all conditions, whether by gravity or pumping.
  • It’s easy to install: it fits under the manhole cover inside the tank
  • Individually tested on a test bench to assign a serial number

Advantages of the overfill prevention device

In summary, the advantages of the Overfill Prevention Valve Type N for liquid petroleum fuels are as follows:

  • Delivered ready to fit
  • All-metal product with no seals
  • Requires no maintenance and no adjustment
  • Each overfill prevention valve is individually tested on a test rig to ensure the best quality and obtain a unique serial number
  • High reliability and long operating life
  • Robust materials for maximum durability
  • Guaranteed complete and automatic closure
  • Suitable for gravity or pressure filling
  • Complies with European, Dutch, North American and Canadian standards

Characteristics and standards

  • Available in three models DN50, DN80 and DN100
  • Cylindrical BSPP F/F GAZ connection
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +60°C
  • Flow rate up to 84 m3/h (depending on model)
  • Pressure up to 8 bar (depending on model)
  • Complies with European standard NF EN 13616, Dutch standard KIWA BRL-K636/03, North American standard UL 2583, Canadian standard CAN/ULC-S661-10 (R2016)
  • ATEX II 1 G c IIB T6 marking
  • Comply with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
  • ATEX : EC-TYPE Examination Certificate INERIS 07ATEX0037
  • ATEX : Production Quality Assurance Notification INERIS 07ATEXQ404

    Our overfill prevention valves 2″, 3″ and 4″ Type N for petroleum fuels come with a 12-month warranty period subject to compliance with installation and operating instructions.

Make sure you install safe, reliable equipment in petroleum environments with our Self Climat overfill prevention devices.

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