Alarm whistle

Alarm whistle function

In the absence of specific requirements for other safety systems, the alarm whistle can be installed at the vent connection of a storage tank. As acoustic overfill sensor protection for storage tanks containing heating oil or diesel EN590.


During filling, a well audible whistling noise can be heard. The noise stops as soon as the maximum filling level is reached. The whistle must be clearly heard by employees during filling operations, to ensure that they stop in good time. The maximum distance between the alarm whistle and the tanker truck must not exceed 5 meters during filling operations.

Technical specifications

Different external threads ensure easy assembly of different tank connections :

  • On tank : G 1″ 1/4 or 1″ 1/2 M
  • On vent tube : G 1″ 1/4 F
  • The length of the plunger rod is 270 mm, ensuring easy integration into various storage systems.

The use of an alarm whistle during tank filling operations guarantees safety and detection of the maximum level reached.

Follow the installation instructions and technical specifications, and download the technical data sheet opposite, to ensure optimum operation of this device.

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