AdBlue® atmospheric vent with flame-arrestor grid

The vents help in airing out the fuel and AdBlue® storage tanks to allow topping up and servicing for the customer. They have a flame-retardant function and are used for non-volatiles products for which vapour recovery is not required to be brought to atmospheric pressure.

Product description

Our atmospheric vent is equipped with a flame-retardant screen and a protective grid, attached to the outer end of the pipe.

This design, combining lightness and durability thanks to high-quality composite materials, offers a reliable solution for venting hydrocarbon and AdBlue® storage tanks.

The addition of a flame-retardant grid and a stainless steel protective screen guarantees optimum performance, even in rainy conditions.


Our atmospheric vent is specially designed for storage tanks of liquid petroleum fuels such as heating oil, diesel, unleaded gasoline and AdBlue®.


To ensure optimum operation, position the air vent :

  • In a position visible from the delivery point, at least 4 meters above the delivery vehicle’s parking area.
  • At a distance of 3 meters from any dangerous source, inhabited or occupied area, so as not to bother third parties with unpleasant odors.

Product advantages

  • Compliance with the European standards or directives in force
  • Innovative products
  • Highly reliable and long-lasting

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