Atmospheric vent with flame arrestor grid for storage of liquid petroleum fuels

Atmospheric vents are essential to ensure the protection and compliance of your liquid petroleum fuel tanks.
Our atmospheric vents (DN 40 and DN 50) are designed with particular attention to safety and performance standards, offering a reliable solution for venting fuel storage tanks.

Product description

Our atmospheric vents are equipped with a flame-retardant screen and a protective grid, ensuring maximum protection against any infiltration, while enabling efficient venting of tanks not subject to vapor recovery systems.

The aluminum alloy body, stainless steel screen and rain screen guarantee exceptional durability.

Atmospheric vent advantages

Atmospheric vents are specifically designed for storage tanks for liquid petroleum fuels such as heating oil, diesel, gasoline and unleaded gasoline. Their ATEX certification ensures optimum safety in potentially explosive environments.

Operating of atmospheric vents

Atmospheric vents must be installed so as to be visible from the point of delivery and at a safe distance from potentially dangerous or occupied sources (minimum 4 meters above the delivery vehicle parking area and 3 meters from any dangerous or inhabited area to avoid odor nuisance).

Quick and easy to install, the atmospheric vents are mounted directly onto the smooth vent tube and securely fastened to the piping with a stainless steel screw.

In addition to protecting the storage tank from the elements, they offer exceptional corrosion resistance.

Please refer to the downloadable Atmospheric vent technical sheet opposite for further information.

Product advantages

  • Easy to install and dismantle for visual inspection and easy cleaning if required.
  • Protection against weathering and infiltration.
  • Compliance with ATEX safety standards.
  • 360° swiveling for maximum adaptability to your configuration.
  • With its single orifice, this air vent offers the advantage of being able to easily direct any gas or liquid flows.

Technical specifications

  • Aluminum alloy body for optimum lightness and strength.
  • Stainless steel screen and grid for effective protection against impurities.
  • ATEX (explosive atmosphere) certification for safe installation in Zone 0.
  • Mounted on smooth vent tube
  • Side screw locking

According to 4734 (Ex 1432) :
– for underground tanks, atmospheric vents have a cross-section at least equal to 1/4 of the sum of the cross-sections of the filling pipes
– for above-ground tanks, atmospheric vents have a cross-sectional area at least equal to 1/2 of the sum of the cross-sections of the filling pipes.

Our atmospheric vents come with a 12-month warranty, subject to compliance with installation and operating instructions.

Our air vents are the ideal solution for ensuring the safety and performance of your liquid petroleum fuel tanks.

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