Yellow airing and venting valve


  • Double-flow aeration and venting valve for mobile or ADR-compliant single- or double-walled tanks and transport containers,
  • It allows fuel storage tanks to be vented,
  • It prevents overpressure in the tank, caused by the movement of fuel in the tank when it is mobile – The opening is punctual when the pressure is greater than or equal to 0.15 bar,
  • It prevents “vacuuming” when the tank is emptied by the on-board electric pump – It opens only when the vacuum is less than or equal to -0.1 bar.

Aeration and de-aeration valve technical datas

  • Thread : G2″ M
  • Opening pressure : -0.1 bar
  • Opening overpressure : +0.15 bar
  • Housing material : PA 6
  • Seal material : NBR
  • Black O-ring seal

For more information, don’t hesitate to download the data sheet opposite or contact our technical department.