Vanne anti siphon à membrane Sergovalve

Sergovalve diaphragm anti-siphon valve


The Sergovalve diaphragm anti-siphon valve is a safety device for oil burners with exchange tanks :

  • It prevents liquid from siphoning out of the tank in the event of an accidental leak.
  • The Sergovalve diaphragm anti-siphon valve is installed at the top of the circuit on horizontal piping.
  • It is adjustable from 1 to 5 meters (difference in height between the maximum filling level and the lowest level of the installation).

System operation :

  • When the pump is switched off, the valve is compressed by a spring, blocking the flow of oil.
  • When the pump is started, a vacuum is created under the diaphragm. Atmospheric pressure acts on the other side of the diaphragm, becoming dominant. The diaphragm deforms, compressing the spring and causing the valve to open, allowing oil to flow through.
  • If the vacuum stops (pump shutdown or pipe rupture), the spring closes the anti-siphon valve.

Sergovalve diaphragm anti-siphon valve installation diagram

Sergovalve anti-siphon valve installation diagram


  • Safety device for oil burners with exchange tanks.
  • The “Sergovalve” diaphragm anti-siphon valve complies with regulations governing the storage and use of “category 2” flammable liquids.
  • No cable gland to prevent accidental siphoning of liquids.

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