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Mechanical float level gauge FSA

For the safety of storage tanks, SelfClimat offers you a complete range of anti-overfill devices, leak detection devices, alarms, gauges and measuring systems for the petroleum and petro-chemical fields, and also more generally for the storage of pollutant liquids.

Mechanical float level gauge FSA


  • A mechanical gauge for direct reading level measurement.
  • A permanent indication of the liquid level by a rotating needle.
  • Tank measuring scale 0/160 or 0/250 cm

+ Product

  • Suitable for all shapes of tanks 0/160 or 0/250 cm
  • Connection G1"1/2M or G 2"M with O-ring seal
  • PE high density float, diameter 38 mm
  • Suitable for AdBlue, heating oil, biodiesel, vegetal oil, waste oil, raining water, etc.