SmartBox 2 hydrostatic level gauge


  • The hydrostatic level indicator SmartBox 2 consists of a control unit with digital display and a submersible probe with integrated pressure measuring cell. High measuring accuracy due to electronic sensor (pressure measuring cell).
  • Two additional relay contacts are available for external alarm devices, for level control or for connection to telecommunication or building control systems.
  • No bearing charts required since all standard tank shapes are available


  • Level measurement in tanks containing urea solution (AdBlue®), heating oil, oils, water, fuel oil, diesel fuel (EN 590), liquid fuels as well as biofuel and biodiesel with up to 100 % FAME (EN 14214), HVO, GTL…

Hydrostatic level gauge SmartBox 2 benefits

  • Level reading, precision 1%
  • Possibility of including an interface module for data transmission (DTM-1 signal 0-5V or DTM-3 signal or DTM-4 M-Bus)
  • The SmartBox 2 has the same advantages as the SmartBox 1 but has 2 free output relay contacts
  • Level displayed in L, cm, % and free space available
  • Menu language and display in German, English, French or Spanish
  • Extension of the probe cable up to a maximum of 200 m

Hydrostatic level gauge SmartBox 2 diagram

Hydrostatic level gauge SmartBox 2 diagram

Technical data

  • Supply voltage : 230V AC 50Hz
  • Measuring range : heating oil up to 2.90 m tank height, water up to 2.50 m tank height (when using the submersible probe 0/250 mbar)
  • Other probes available (0/500 mbar, 0/1000 mbar, EX probe for hazardous areas)
  • Tank connection : G 1, G 1 1/2 or G 2
  • Protection class : IP30 or IP54
  • Interface : optional DTM modules (4-20 mA, 0-5 V, M-Bus, H protocol)
  • 2 relays with normally closed and normally open contacts maximum 250 V AC – maximum 3.5 A
  • Attention ! Please check the tank height, density and liquid compatibility before ordering the appropriate probe.