FSA mechanical float level gauge

Function of the FSA mechanical float level gauge

  • The FSA mechanical float gauge is a direct-reading level gauge.
  • Permanent indication of liquid level by rotating needle
  • Level is read on a graduated scale from 0 to 160 or 0 to 250 cm (2 possible scales).


  • Suitable for all tank shapes 0/160 cm or 0/250 cm,
  • It is compatible with AdBlue® liquid, fuel oil, biodiesel, vegetable oil, used oil, rainwater…
  • It’s economical, quick to install and easy to use,
  • The gauge is fitted with an anti-odour seal,
  • Supplied with a sticker for maximum level marking.

Technical data

Main technical information :

  • Connection: G1″1/2M or G 2″M with O-ring (various sizes of connection reducer are available as options)
  • HD PE float diameter 38 mm
  • Operating temperature 0° to 40°C
  • Measurement accuracy +/_ 3%.

For more information on the FSA mechanical float gauge, please download the corresponding data sheets opposite.

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