SmartBox 3 hydrostatic level gauge


SmartBox 3 is a hydrostatic gauge system for precise measurement of the filling level of a tank, with a digital indicator and pressure probe.

  • The electronic level gauge can be remote mounted (max. 200 m).
  • Digital display can be selected in different units (L, mm and %).
  • Unlike SmartBox 1 and SmartBox 2, SmartBox 3 includes a visual/audible level alarm and one contact relay output.
  • The device is equipped with a 0/250 mbar hydrostatic pressure transmitter probe.
  • Special probes (optional) can be used (ATEX, 0/500 mbar, 0/1000 mbar…)
  • This unit provides precise indication of the liquid level in a static tank.
  • Suitable for storage tanks up to a maximum of 2,90 m in height for heating oil (when using the 250 mbar probe)


The SmartBox 3 can be used with all clean liquids (fuel oil, domestic heating oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, urea solution, water, new oils, AdBlue ®…).

Further information on the SmartBox 3 is available on our technical documentation.

Hydrostatic level gauge SmartBox 3 diagram product features

The SmartBox 3 benefits from the same advantages as the SmartBox 1.

In addition, the SmartBox 3 features an audible and visual alarm system, as well as a free configurable relay contact for remote management : possibility of including an interface module for data transmission (signal 0-5V, 4-20mA, ModBus, etc.).

Hydrostatic level gauge SmartBox 3 installation diagram

Hydrostatic level gauge SmartBox 3 diagram


  • Other probes available on request for higher tank heights and other liquids (500 mbar, 1000 mbar, EX probe for gasoline and inflammables liquids…)
  • Attention ! Please check the tank height, density and liquid compatibility before ordering the appropriate probe.