SmartBox 1 hydrostatic level gauge


The SmartBox 1 hydrostatic gauge is a universal electronic gauge equipped with an electronic remote content indicator for non-pressurized tanks containing a specified liquid.

  • The SmartBox 1 consists of a display device with 2-line LCD display, level probe (standard probe with a measuring range of 250 mbar and a measuring accuracy of 1%) with 6 meter cable and mounting accessories.
  • The tank content is determined by measuring the hydrostatic pressure of the filling level. After entering the tank data in the display device during installation, the measured values ​​are automatically converted on the display.
  • Optional : 0/500 mbar, 0/1000 mbar and ATEX probes for specific tank heights or liquids.
  • Optional : module with 4-20 mA, O-5 V or M-Bus analog output.

Other options are also available on our downloadable data sheet opposite.


The SmartBox 1 hydrostatic level gauge is suitable for diesel fuel, FAME, liquid fertilizer, urea solution (AdBlue®), heating oil, biofuels, industrial oil and water

SmartBox 1 Product benefits

  • The SmartBox 1 hydrostatic gauge is universal and compatible with all types of tank.
  • Highly reliable and accurate to read
  • Installation is simple, easy and fast
  • The SmartBox 1 hydrostatic gauge is freely configurable even after commissioning
  • Level indicated on the digital display either in liters, filling height in centimeters and percentage
  • Display of the maximum permissible delivery volume (free space display)
  • Menu language and display in German, English, French or Spanish
  • Extension of the probe cable up to a maximum of 200 m
  • Possibility of including an interface module for data transmission (signal 0-5 V, 4-20 mA, M-Bus)

Self Climat SmartBox 1 electronic gauge diagram

Self Climat SmartBox electronic gauge installation diagram

Technical data

  • Supply voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Measuring range: heating oil up to 2.90 m tank height, water up to 2.50 m tank height
  • Tank connection: G 1, G 1 1/2 or G 2
  • Protection class: IP30 or IP54
  • Interface : optional DTM modules can be included (e.g.  4-20 mA, 0-5 V, M-Bus)
  • The IP 30 digital indicator must be installed inside a building or room, and is not permitted in ATEX zones.
  • The sensor cable must be suspended vertically inside the tank (either vertically or flat on the tank bottom).


  • When selecting the level probe, attention must be paid to the tank height and density value of the liquid stored. This is the only way to choose the correct measuring range. Please also pay attention to the suitability of the level probe with the liquid.

All mounting instructions, information and product description are available in our technical documentation opposite.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.