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Mano-Clock Multi universal level gauge

For the safety of storage tanks, SelfClimat offers you a complete range of anti-overfill devices, leak detection devices, alarms, gauges and measuring systems for the petroleum and petro-chemical fields, and also more generally for the storage of pollutant liquids.

NEW - Mechanical float level gauge Mano-Clock Multi


  • Universal float gauge for indoor and outdoor tanks. Intended for use with open vented stationary tanks. Infinitely adjustable to the desired height of tank, and can therefore be fitted to all tanks.
  • Tank measuring scale 0/200 or 0/250 cm
  • Suitable for use with Fuel oil/diesel fuel (EN 590), Biofuel FAME (EN 14213), Biodiesel FAME (EN 14214) and motor oil.
  • The movements of the floater are transmitted by a line to the measuring mechanism inside the meter house. The measuring mechanism consists of a spring-loaded winding drum actuating the pointer needle by means of a gear drive.

+ Product

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor tanks
  • Big meter house ø 110 mm in high quality UV-resistant plastic (ASA/SAN). UV-tested according to EN ISO 4892-1
  • Pressure-tight meter house design prevents the spread of oil odour indoors
  • Corrosion-resistant measuring mechanism in acetal plastic (POM) and spring motor made of stainless steel
  • Durable float made of acetal plastic (POM)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Economical
  • Can be easily adjusted to the desired tank height by using a screwdriver
  • Operating temperature : -30°C / +50°C