Mano-Clock Multi mechanical level gauge


The Mano-Clock Multi mechanical float gauge is a universal, direct-reading level gauge for indoor and outdoor tanks.

This mechanical gauge is suitable for static (non-mobile and non-pressurized) storage tanks. It can be fitted to any desired height and any tank shape.


  • This mechanical gauge is designed for use with FOD (heating oil), diesel (EN 590), Biofuel FAME (EN 14213) and Biodiesel FAME (EN 14214), as well as motor oil.


  • The Mano-Clock provides a permanent indication of the tank contents in centimetres, using a rotating needle. Reading scale 0/200 cm or 0/250 cm.

Mechanical level gauge Mano-Clock Multi advantages

  • This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor tanks (Ø 110 mm) for easy reading
  • The gauge is weatherproof and its high-quality screen (ASA/SAN) is UV-resistant to EN ISO 4892-1.
  • Its design prevents odors from spreading through the gauge.
  • The float and mechanism are corrosion-resistant (POM), with a stainless steel spring.
  • Installation of the Mano-Clock Multi mechanical float gauge is quick and easy
  • An economical product
  • Adjustable height with “FULL” pointer is compatible with all tank shapes. It can be easily adjusted to the desired tank height by using a screwdriver
  • Wide operating temperature range : -30°C / +50°C

Feel free to download the “Mano-Clock Multi gauge” data sheet for further information, or contact us.