Hydrostatic level probe for Smartbox


  • Hydrostatic level probe with 6 m cable
  • Measures the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid at the bottom of the tank
  • Standard version 0/250 mbar (max. height water 250 cm, max. height heating oil 290 cm)
  • Other versions available on request (0/100mbar, 0/500mbar, 0/1000 mbar, ATEX…)

Product benefits

  • Suitable for domestic heating oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, AdBlue®, water, etc.
  • Suitable for all shapes of liquid static storage tanks
  • Easy and simple to set up (parameters can be changed at any time)
  • Language available : French, English, German
  • Display in Liter or cm and equivalence in %
  • Precision + or – 1%
  • Probe cable can be extended up to 200 m