Cleanfill 2″ and AdBlue® overfill prevention device


  • The Cleanfill 2″ overfill prevention valve is a safety device designed to interrupt the filling of a tank when its maximum level is reached.
  • The Cleanfill 2″ AdBlue ® overfill prevention valve is a safety device specifically designed to meet AdBlue® storage requirements: design, materials, as well as seals are all specifically adapted to this application.


This valve is designed for the storage of fuel oil, diesel (Cleanfill 2″) and urea solution (Cleanfill 2″ Adblue®).


During the filling process, the liquid flows directly into the tank. Once the pre-maximum level has been reached, the vertical float moves to the upper position, closing the Cleanfill 2″.

After closing the valve or pump, a 1-minute delay is required for the piston to partially reopen, thus facilitating draining of the piping.

Cleanfill 2" overfill prevention device advantages

  • Installation requires no dismantling of the manhole cover. No adjustment is required when installing.
  • No maintenance, no power supply, automatic operation.
  • Each device is individually tested on a test bench, guaranteeing reliability, quality and durability.

Further information are available in our data sheet and manual. Our Cleanfill 2″ and AdBlue® overfill prevention valves come with a 12-month warranty, subject to compliance with installation and operating instructions. Caution: Failure to follow these instructions may result in overflow through the vent piping (Refer to our technical data sheet).

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