Secure Economy tank level alarm


Secure Economy tank level alarm is an economical, entry level tank alarm coming with a 5m single probe giving one level alert in a static storage tank.

  • High level alert to help avoid further filling of the tank and an overfill from occuring
  • Low level alert to indicate that stock is running out and tank is almost empty

Magnetic reversible float level switch on the fuel probe (possibility to reverse the direction of the float to go from a high level to a low level, or vice versa)


  • Suitable for use with clean diesel and light oils (or high level AdBlue® version).
  • The high level probe AdBlue® has an encapsulated probe to guarantee proper operation even for liquids that crystallise.

Secure Economy tank level alarm advantages

  • Simple & cost effective solution if only level alert is required
  • Used to indicate that the tank level has reached either a high or low state depending upon requirements
  • Battery powered for use on portable installations or sites where mains power is inaccessible (1 x PP3 Alkaline 9V supplied)
  • Flashing red LED & 90db alarm will sound to alert the user that the set level has been reached
  • Test & alarm mute functions
  • IP55 enclosure with 4 external mounting lugs
  • Simple operation means battery will last in excess of 72 hours in full alarm mode, making it ideal for sites not always manned
  • Coming with 3 cut to size stickers to name the LED – 2 labelled high & low and 1 blank to name it something else with permanent marker