SmartBox electro-mechanical gauge model FSA-W


Permanent level indication with direct-reading gauge (cm) and digital indicator with display in L, cm or %.


Suitable for FOD, biofuel, FAME, diesel, vegetable oils, waste oils, AdBlue urea solution, etc.

SmartBox FSA-W product advantages

  • Universal gauge compatible with all tank shapes (linear, cylindrical, spherical, convex, concave, etc.).
  • Simple, quick and easy installation
  • Parameters can be changed even after commissioning
  • Choice of display unit with % equivalence
  • Relay and alarm options depending on SmartBox model

Operating diagram of SmartBox FSA-W

operating diagram of SmartBox FSA-W

Characteristics and standards

  • Supply voltage : 230 V AC 50 Hz
  • Indicator protection : IP 30 (for indoor use in a dry, protected room or building)
  • Supplied with gauge type FSA-W G1″ 1/2M, dial 0/250 cm
  • Supplied with 10 m cable (100 m max.)