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SmartBox 4 Pro - New

For the safety of storage tanks, SelfClimat offers you a complete range of anti-overfill devices, leak detection devices, alarms, gauges and measuring systems for the petroleum and petro-chemical fields, and also more generally for the storage of pollutant liquids.

Hydrostatic level gauge SmartBox 4 Pro


  • Electronic gauge for precise measurement of the filling level of a tank in litres.
  • Hydrostatic pressure transmission sensor 0-250 mbar.
  • Suitable for storage tanks up to a maximum of 3 metres in diameter or height.


  • AdBlue, domestic heating oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, urea solution, water, etc.
  • For other liquids please contact our technical dept.

+ Product

  • Level reading, precision 1%
  • Possibility of including an interface module for data transmission 0-5V or 4-20 mA
  • Product not supplied with the sensor
  • The SB 4 Pro IP65 alone serves to measure up to 4 storage tanks on the display (in this case 4 sensors are necessary for only one display)
  • The housing of SmartBox 4 Pro is IP65 protection class. Therefore, it is ideal for outdoor use
  • All tanks and their contents are shown on a two-line display. Moreover, each tank and its contents can be shown cyclically, one after the other, in liters and as percentage on the display of SmartBox 4 Pro
  • Transmission of tank data via the GSM (SIM card not included) and as an option, connection to internet data base www.smart-inspector.com


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