SmartBox 4 Pro GSM hydrostatic level gauge


  • Electronic gauge for precise measurement of the tank content (L, cm, %)
  • Hydrostatic pressure sensor 0-250 mbar suitable for storage tanks up to a maximum of 3 meters height (for diesel fuel).
  • Special probes (optional) can be used (ATEX, 0/500 mbar, 0/1000 mbar…) for other liquids and other heights


  • Suitable for the storage of AdBlue®, domestic heating oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, urea solution, water, etc.

SmartBox 4 Pro product benefits

  • Level reading, precision 1,0%
  • Possibility of including an interface module for data transmission 0-5V or 4-20 mA
  • Can measure up to 4 storage tanks on the same display unit (in this case, 4 submersibles probes are necessary)
  • Can be installed outdoor
  • All tanks and their contents are shown on a two-line display.
  • Transmission of tank data via the GSM (SIM card not included) and as an option, connection to internet data base

Internet database Smart Inspector (
The usage fees for system hosting, administration, backup and processing of the tank data are billed via a third-party provider. A registration form is included with the corresponding products. Special solutions for the hazardous area zone Ex, other tank heights, or other liquids available on request.

SmartBox 4 Pro GSM level gauge diagram

SmartBox 4 Pro level gauge diagram