Overfill prevention device Filstop 2″


The Filstop 2″ overfill prevention device is an overfill valve that stops the filling when the liquid reaches the maximum level of a static storage tank. It avoids any risk of liquid overflowing and polluting the soil.


  • The Filstop 2″ overfill prevention device is designed for domestic heating oil and diesel fuel storage tanks


The Filstop overfill prevention valve must be installed in such a way as to ensure that the 4 windows of the valve are completely clear inside the tank.

The device must allow complete liquid flow. It must not be obstructed in any way once installed inside the tank.

For all instructions, please download our manual.

Overfill prevention device Filstop 2" product benefits

  • Its compact shape allows a quick and easy installation without having to remove the manhole cover.
  • The Filstop 2″ overfill prevention dvalve requires no adjustment. Once in place, it operates automatically.
  • No maintenance, no power supply.

The Filstop 2″ fill limiter comes with a 12-month warranty when used in accordance with the installation and operating instructions.

Caution : The Filstop can only work properly with clean fuel. Any particles in the fuel oil may damage the part or prevent it from operating normally. Failure to observe the installation instructions may result in overflow through the vent pipe (please refer to the operating instructions).

For further information, please download our technical documentation or contact us.