Overfill protector BC-2


The BC-2 electronic overfill protection system consists of a control unit and a probe intended for use in static storage tanks. It triggers a preventive audible and visual alarm when the liquid comes in contact with the probe.

At this stage, the delivery must be immediately stopped and you can end the filling procedure on time to avoid the tank from overflowing.

The overfill protector BC-2 also has two relay free-potential contacts to connect external devices (e.g. to the truck, alarm, warning light or acoustic signal generator).

The probe is installed at the high level inside the tank.


Overfill protector device BC-2 Diagram

Characteristics and standards

  • Control unit, probe with 4,7 meter cable (max. 100 meters)
  • Supply voltage : 230 V AC / 50 Hz
  • Thread connection G 1″M
  • Degree of protection : IP 54

This product is guaranteed for 12 months, provided it is installed and used in accordance with our instructions.

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