Secure Alarm Multi-Zone detection for tanks

Designation of the Secure Mains multi-zone tank alarm

Secure Mains multi-zone tank alarm is a multi-zone alarm that signals a combination of alarms to the user on a non-mobile static storage tank (3 probes can be connected to the alarm box): high level, low level and/or leak.

A 90 dB audible alarm and an orange flashing light signal an alert to the user. The alert zone in question lights up on the display and is identified by the letter H, L or B, for example :

H = HIGH (level) to indicate that the tank is full, and to take the necessary precautions to avoid overfilling.
L = LOW (level) to indicate low tank level.
B = BUND (leakage) to indicate the presence of fuel oil in the compartment to be monitored (e.g. in a retention tank).


  • The Secure Mains multi-zone tank alarm is suitable for use with clean diesel and light oils.

Advantages of the Secure Alarm Multi-Zone Detection for tanks

  • The Secure Mains multi-zone detection alarm is compatible with all tank shapes (no height limit),
  • Its magnetic float is reversible, i.e. you can reverse the direction of the float to switch from high level to low level or to leak detection,
  • A Test/Mute button for testing or stopping the alarm,
  • IP 55 protection : the Secure multi-zone alarm is designed for indoor or outdoor use, protected from the elements,
  • The box is equipped with a device for the various possible 110v/230v/12v or 24v power supplies,
  • The box is fitted with 3 relays for alarm reporting (e.g. building management system for remote monitoring),
  • This product offers a wide operating temperature range: -20°C / +50°C.

For further information, you can download our Multi-zone tank alarm technical sheet or contact us.